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Founded in 1988, Business Associates has been serving global biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, and medical device clients, along with private equity and venture capital clients, providing world class strategic advice based on sophisticated, robust analytics. Our focus enables us to provide customized, actionable recommendations that draw on robust problem framing, cutting-edge methodologies, deep therapeutic area knowledge, extensive global networks of health care stakeholders, and expert synthesis across scientific, clinical, and business disciplines.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

We believe that we are outstanding. Not because we say it, but because we work hard at it. We are dedicated, committed and focused. We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge through a shared culture and ethos.

Our vision

We provide outstanding service through teamwork, accountability and innovation of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

Our mission

We provide outstanding service through teamwork, accountability and innovation of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

Why we exist

Most of our clients come to us after working with another consultant or not getting the results they were expecting from implementing Tabs3 or PracticeMaster on their own. Regardless of your circumstances, chances are we can help you in reaching your objectives and provide a clear cost/time savings benefit analysis before you make the commitment.

This is the cornerstone of everything we do. We care about your law firm, your people, your specific needs, and results that you can use and measure immediately. Our clients entrust us to solve difficult problems in a manner that is secure and confidential from our first contact with them. Trust is the first attribute our clients recognize when we discuss solutions rather than problems.

Our Team

We’re led by a team who is always thinking, always creating, and always pushing forward.

Maria Rodriguez

Marketing Director

Maria Rodriquez is best known for co-founding Cherry Innovation, a marketing strategy firm. She has written for the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Atlantic.

Peter Thomas

Chief Finance Officer

Peter Thomas is the author of four books, including the New York Times bestseller, “Walking Down Wall Street,” inspired by 10 years of working on Wall Street.

Bradley Hanson

Senior Vice President of Design

Bradley Hanson grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, and graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in Graphic Design.

Angelica Johnson

Founder & CEO

Angelica Johnson studied business at University of Southern California. She has lead multiple startups including Culdin, Mifi, and Purity.

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AJA-Egypt Grants ISO Certificates to Depot Egypt, Recognizing Exemplary Standards:

Sokhna, May 2023– In a remarkable feat of excellence, Depot Egypt Logistics Park has been awarded the esteemed ISO certifications by AJA-Egypt, the renowned conformity assessment body. This remarkable accomplishment highlights Depot Egypt’s unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptional standards and solidifies their position as a leader in the logistics industry.

The ISO certifications, covering Quality Management, Environmental Management, and Occupational Health and Safety Management, serve as a testament to Depot Egypt’s dedication to delivering outstanding services while prioritizing the well-being of its employees and the environment. AJA-Egypt’s rigorous evaluation process has acknowledged Depot Egypt’s exceptional practices across all fronts, affirming their adherence to international quality standards.

Depot Egypt’s relentless pursuit of excellence is reflected in their expert management team, cutting-edge infrastructure, and strategic international partnerships. By utilizing advanced technologies and implementing best practices, Depot Egypt ensures seamless operations and unparalleled customer satisfaction throughout their logistics park.

Receiving the ISO certifications is not only a significant milestone for Depot Egypt but also a validation of their continuous efforts to provide reliable, secure, and sustainable logistics solutions. These certifications offer their clients the assurance of working with a partner that upholds the highest standards of quality, environmental responsibility, and occupational health and safety.

Commenting on this remarkable achievement, Depot Egypt top board of directors, expressed their pride in the entire team’s relentless dedication. They emphasized that these certifications not only recognize Depot Egypt’s past achievements but also serve as a catalyst for further growth and improvement in delivering innovative logistics solutions.

As Depot Egypt Logistics Park proudly displays their ISO certifications, they stand ready to redefine excellence in the logistics industry. Clients can trust in their unwavering commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and employee well-being. With this prestigious recognition, Depot Egypt solidifies its position as a premier logistics partner, driving industry standards forward and setting new benchmarks for success.