Modern warehousing operations free you from worry.

We provide well-managed services, offer long-term storage and distribution facilities specially equipped to serve the High-Tech industry, handle containerized and hazardous materials. We are capable of repacking, remarking, shrink-wrap, and palletizing your cargo as needed. We assure you your cargo will leave in the same condition as it entered.
Today's market requires more and more “just in time” deliveries and makes it essential to maintain stocks close to the customer's door. Shipping through our centralized warehouses and distribution facilities means those markets are next door to you.

Our Warehouse Management System ensures constant checking of the stocks (supply management) and provides you with stock records at any moment of the day.

Warehousing Services:

Value-added services for your cargo, including providing warehousing for covered and uncovered areas, arranging for palletizing cargo, barcoding, orders processing, inventory management, labeling, invoicing, and even warranty and invoice collection if needed.


Our warehouses are fully secured, fire fighting system, central monitoring by webcam, connected to the police station. We aim to provide a high-security level.


We are ready for a long-term agreement with the industry leaders in Egypt, one of our main points of strength is that we can finance the warehouses according to the client needs through our Engineering and Contracting arms to suit customer needs.

On top of that, we can provide a share warehouse facility with more than one client to suit their business needs.

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