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Depot Egypt Logistics Park is a premier logistics provider, offering over 150,000 square meters of prime real estate situated in strategic transport hubs across Egypt. With our presence in key locations such as Sokhna, Damietta, Cairo, and Alexandria, we provide unmatched accessibility and connectivity for businesses seeking to optimize their supply chain operations.

Our target is to provide an opportunity to reduce burdens on importers, distributors and equipment dealers. This is done by working to solve the problem of delay fines (demurrage and port storage) that cause the payment of large amounts of hard currency, in addition to reducing the financial burden of paying customs and taxes on goods, by releasing the shipment several times and paying customs only at the final release. This approach also aims to provide goods in the market all the time, allowing consumers and customers to access them continuously, and this enhances trust between the different parties in the business process.
Our state-of-the-art facilities are built to the highest standards, providing top-notch offices, warehouses, LCL facilities, workshops, container repair, container washing, container storage, and inter-terminal transfer services. Equipped with the latest technology and advanced mobile container handling equipment, our facilities are expertly controlled by a state-of-the-art, sub-second response computer system, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of goods to our customers.

At Depot Egypt Logistics Park, we are committed to providing our clients with the best logistics solutions to meet their unique needs. We pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge services that enable businesses to streamline their operations and stay ahead of the competition. With our unparalleled facilities and expert team of professionals, we are the partner of choice for businesses looking to optimize their logistics in Egypt.

Our strategic location gives us the opportunity to develop strong and sustainable logistics solutions for our clients to increase their opportunities in the Egyptian & African markets.

It is an opportunity for our stakeholders from importers, distributors, manufacturers, shipping agencies, e-commerce companies, post services, freight forwarders, consolidation, project Cargo, equipment dealers and transit cargo shipments.

– Save your money and withdraw your goods on several times.
– Eliminate demurrage charges for containers.
– Provide your goods in the market all over the year and pay customs upon release.
– Easy to re-export.
– Possibility to perform some processing of goods.
– The nearest customs deposit to the port of Sokhna, the gateway to Egypt and Africa on the Red Sea.


Cost Effective

Purchasing power and partnerships with world’s premier carriers.


ISO certified which give us an edge to be reliable in our services


Our wide range of services and their customizable options bring added flexibility to your supply chain.

Industries Served

Automotive Manufacturers & Distributors

Tech Companies

E-Commerce Companies



Industrial Materials

Logistics suppliers & Co-loaders

Shipping lines & NVOCC & Tank operators